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Calm with Character Moves


Get movement and mindfulness into the day in one minute. Clam with Character Moves are 10 mindfulness based exercises that take no more than one minute. These exercises help practice calm, focus, concentration, and balance while implementing circulation and movement. The 10 short videos make great brain breaks! How to use the videos: Use the videos weekly or focus on one move each month. You can even plan a 10 week mindfulness activity for one trimester. Use them how you see them fitting into your schedule. Why are the videos 1 minute long? Research shows that brief mindfulness activities that are only a few minutes long are effective. Teacher time and dedication to academic integrity are important, therefore, the videos were created to be respectful to academic time needs and can be conveniently squeezed into daily routines. When you decide to join Calm with Character Moves, you will have the opportunity to join a group with others who are using the program. This is a great way to connect, get ideas, and share. You are not alone in this journey to bring Calm with Character Moves into your classroom.

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