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Oliver Campbell
Oliver Campbell

Resident Evil 6 Ultimate Trainer !!BETTER!!

Longtime modders of the Resident Evil games have probably heard of the "ultimate trainer" mods. These kinds of mods can be thought of as an in-game cheat engine. A myriad of different options for altering the gameplay is available with this type of add-on.

Resident Evil 6 Ultimate Trainer

no idea if this is right place to post this. Does these cheats and infinity not get detected by steams VAC as resident evil 6 is VAC enabled, ive been hesitant to even bother playing the game as i do not want a VAC ban on my account for playing campaign solo and unlike dead island where i can turn VAC secure server off ingame settings i cannot find that option in resident evil 6, ive already beat the game many times on xbox360 and since i have to start from scratch since i just bought the game on steam the other day id rather be able to use the cheats but id rather also not get VAC banned, i dont play multiplayer modes

i greatly appreciate the fast response also thank you for the confirmation, i had tried to find that info searching the internet but found no sites/forums that gave me the answer i needed (about resident evil 6 and VAC) which you provided .


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