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Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free: A Fun and Easy Flight Simulation Game for Android

Our commitment to realism in the X-Plane flight simulator starts with first principle physics, a mountain of math, and decades of real-world flight experience. Our development team has spent 30+ years refining the rendering engine and mechanics for a blisteringly authentic flight experience.

X-Plane Flight Simulator is a free simulation game developed by Laminar Research for mobile devices. It is a flight simulator that boasts realistic graphics and provides players with granular control over how they fly inside the game using an FAA-certified flight model that is also used in other desktop titles of its kind.

flight simulator download android

If you're a fan of flight simulators, X-Plane Flight Simulator is a good and polished game that you should check out. The aircraft models, locations, and airports all look great and detailed. The 3D cockpits are fully interactive and the game gives you plenty of help and resources to learn and play as you go along. Recommended.

Unlike its predecessor, the Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile is an amazing flight simulator to experience and practice everything that a real plane provides. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of views, each better than the last one, and a wide range of aircraft, from superlight to bees and even bomber and sea aircraft, among others.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Mobile is a favorite choice when you pick a flight simulator with unmeasurable maps, an enviable inventory of real aircraft, and a remarkable similarity to the actual product.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator mobile 2020 promises graphs of flight simulators never seen before. This is facilitated, for example, by the use of AI. You can even experience the show on 4 K Ultra HD if you have the right hardware.

LX Flight Simulator is a flight simulator where you will have a chance to be a pilot of a wide range of planes, from the Boeing 777-300ER to the Bombardier C Series. The planes have different capabilities and characteristics that you will need to know in order to have a good flying experience.

*** Special discounted Price! ***Live a unique experience flying in any part of the world and exploring sceneries and airports in high resolution with satellite maps, 3D buildings, runways, procedures and air traffic. Jump on board of real time flights, chat with other pilots and join them in multiplayer. Manage flight plans and interact with ATC controllers. Get access to thousands of community created liveries, customize all airplanes, their gauges, failures and weather conditions.Become a real pilot! Manual/Tutorial: FLY NOW:-Takeoff, landing or full flight-Automatic creation of flight plan ADVANCED FLIGHT PLAN (PRO only)-Multiple options to create/edit/duplicate complex flight plans-Date/time: CUSTOM/REAL (with night and day cycle)-Flight Plan with procedures for DEPARTURE, ARRIVAL, APPROACH and TRANSITION (SID and STAR)-Aircraft: V-SPEEDS, GROSS WEIGHT LIMITS, FUEL BURN, FLIGHT TIME ESTIMATED with customization of FUEL, PASSENGERS and CARGO-Weather/Metar Departure and Arrival: CUSTOM/REAL - WIND DIRECTION/SPEED, MAIN WEATHER (CLEAR, FOG, RAIN, STORM, SNOW), CLOUDS, CLOUDS BASE, TURBULENCE, GROUND TEMPERATURE REAL TIME FLIGHTS (PRO only)-40.000 real time flights every day-Real time traffic for the 35 largest airports in the world and their connected destinations-Jump on any available real time flight and bring it to destination MULTIPLAYER (PRO only)-Join hundreds of other pilots and fly together in any part of the world-Chat with any multiplayer pilot Features: ADVANCED MULTI PANEL SYSTEM: personalize your instruments and gauges AIRCRAFT: Custom liveries, 3D live cockpit, working parts and lights AIRPORTS35+ HD: Airports built down to the finest detail! 3D Buildings and vehicles, taxiways and departure and approach procedure. More coming soon for PRO users!500 SD: Runways, 3D buildings and departure and approach procedures 14000 LD (PRO only): Runways and departure and approach procedures Ground and air traffic (PRO only) ATC Air Traffic Control (PRO only)-Interactive multi voice ATC procedures and communications-Frequencies: ATIS, GROUND, TOWER, APPROACH, EN ROUTE, EMERGENCY FAILURES: CUSTOM/RANDOM - ALTITUDE/SPEED SENSOR, FUEL TANK, LANDING GEAR, ENGINE, FLAPS, AILERONS, THRUST REVERSERS, TYRES, RUDDER, SPOILER, BRAKE, ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS, RADAR SATELLITE TERRAIN (PRO only): High definition worldwide satellite terrainsSATELLITE HEIGHTMAPS (PRO only): High definition worldwide heightmaps(Satellite data requires online connection to stream data) LIVERIES: Create your airplane liveries and share them with other players around the world IN GAME:-ADVANCED MULTI PANEL SYSTEM: .INSTRUMENTS: PFD, ND, FMS, Map, Engines, Fuel, Altimeter/Anemo .INDICATORS: Air/Ground/Vertical Speed, Heading, Altitude AGL/ASM, ETE Next/Dest, Destination, Next WP, Nearest Airport, Ground/OAT Temp, Wind, Activity/Flight/UTC/Local/Arrival Time, Fuel, N1, V-Speeds and more-ILS Instrument Landing System-CONTROLS: Main Throttle, Flaps, Landing Gear, Spoiler, Brake, Rudder and Pushback-GROUND SYSTEMS: GPU, PBB, PUSHBACK-AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS: HUD, WP/AIRCRAFT/COMMS HUD, APU, ANTI ICE, NAV/BEACON/LANDING/STROBE LIGHTS-ENGINES: Start/Stop Engines, Separated Throttles, ANTI FIRE-FUEL: Weight balancing, fuel dumping and real fuel consumption-AUTOPILOT: NAVIGATION, APPROACH (Automatic Landing System) + SPEED, HDG, ALT, V/S-MASTER CAUTION ALARM-VDGS: VISUAL DOCKING GUIDANCE SYSTEM on all HD airports-MAP: air topography with airports and waypoints. Detailed airport view (HD Airport) + FMC and flight plan-MULTI CAMERAPAUSE/IN FLIGHT: -QUICK ACTIVITY: Runway/Gate Takeoff, Landing, Short Landing, Next WP and Current Position-DATE/TIME: CUSTOM/REAL-AIRCRAFT: Full customization (Load/Passengers/Fuel) anytime during your flight-WEATHER: CUSTOM/REAL-FAILURES: CUSTOM/RANDOM/OFF PRO Version requires a subscription Support: [email protected]

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The intense world of Microsoft Flight Sim arrive awoke the world to the beauty of simulated flying, but not all of us have a killer PC to fly planes. For mobile gamers, we found the best flight simulator Android has to offer. This means you can soar the world anywhere you want! Yes, even on the toilet!

The ultimate flight simulator is here! With Aerofly 1 Flight Simulator you can fly with a large selection of aircraft from all over the world. Fly in realistic conditions and landscapes, land at a airport, and enjoy a wide range of aircraft. The 3D cockpits are fully animated and have realistic controls, making the flying experience even more realistic.

YS Flight Simulator is a fully featured lightweight flight simulator. As well as basic functionalities, it has network feature that allows you to fly with or against your friends. You also can fly a formation leader, dogfight, intercept, attack ground, take off and land on an aircraft carrier and so on, and you can choose your airplane from more than 50 airplanes, and there are several maps as well.

ApkOnline is an online android app emulator and an APK downloader to search for and download any Android app. It also looks for iPhone apps with links to download iPhone apps. As a mobile emulator, ApkOnline allows users and developers to use their Android applications from anywhere in the world. It contains many iOS and Android apps available for download with its App id as a reference. APKOnline also has a hosting space where developers can upload any apk file, save their apps and run them online.

Some drone flight simulators allow you to customize them for specific flying scenarios, so you can prepare for the exact situations you might face in your drone pilot work. Customizations can include the option to change the drone simulation environment as well as to change the type of drone being used in the drone simulator.

*Note: Pricing for both the Enterprise Version and Energy Version of DJI drone flight simulator is not publicly listed on the DJI site, so we are providing our best educated guess about the price range here.

Note: The above list is only of those controllers that have already been tested but other controllers may also work. To learn more about controllers for the droneSimPro drone flight simulator visit this page on the droneSimPro website.

In creating this drone flight simulator DRL sought the advice of leading experts on drone flight and conducted exhaustive testing and research. Every battery, motor and prop combination available was tested in order to determine the exact power curves of any potential drone combination.


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