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Wwe 2k15 Crack ((HOT))ed Save 11

MyCareer allows you to start by creating a wrestler within the mode, or importing a wrestler you've built in the separate My Creations menu. We spent half an hour designing a superstar, down to minute details like the color of the scar on his chest. Then we attempted to save the creation and launch the mode, only to have the game crash to the Xbox One dashboard and lose all of our progress.

Wwe 2k15 Cracked Save 11

Why would this be the case? It appears that MyCareer in WWE 2K15 works similarly to the mode of the same name in 2K Sports' other major franchise, NBA 2K. Server issues caused major problems with NBA 2K14 when that game launched on the new consoles last fall, even with modes like MyCareer that are single-player setups, because the game maintains save games in the cloud to prevent players from tampering with in-game currency. This year's NBA 2K15 also suffers from some connectivity problems, despite assurances to the contrary from developer Visual Concepts prior to launch.

Several users reported that their game saves were reset automatically. This is a really annoying issue. After playing for hours and then starting the game later only to know that you have to start all over again is really a frustrating issue. The issue mainly occurred when you let the game sit idle for some time. 2K notified its users that the bug had been addressed in the latest patch. You just need to update your game to fix this issue as well.

i will never buy wwe2k16 i'm a hogan fan so i won't buy a game without hogan and his gimmick, (no aj lee, cm punk no rey mister!!!!), from my point of view the wwe2k15 roster is far better also if it has less number of superstars

they deleted hogan from both 2k15 (no dlc if you buy now) and 2k16, in 2k16 there isn't his moveset or his taunts, so he could be created by the community but he has only general moveset, the roster in 2k15 was not complete but the most important wrestlers are present or very well created by the community

The "saved game corrupted" error is likely to occur when players try to play a saved game on the console. Usually, if you have logged out and logged in several times but the problem didn't get resolved, you must take further measures.

If you accidentally delete the videos and screenshots of favored games, you probably can't restore the files. If you saved the game recordings and screenshots on an external storage device, you still have a chance.


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