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[S15E7] You're Getting Old

Sharon accuses Randy of merely feigning interest in modern music in order to hold onto his childhood dreams of being a musician, and deny that he is getting older. Randy, however, ignores her, and starts performing tween wave music at the local bowling alley under the name "Steamy Ray Vaughn", with flatulence as part of the act. During a duet with a woman billing herself as "Steamy Nicks", Sharon catches Randy at the bowling alley, resulting in an argument. She excoriates him for the various schemes and fads that he has often briefly taken with over the years, such as getting into fights at baseball games, playing World of Warcraft, and becoming a celebrity chef. Randy replies that he has been unhappy for a long time. Sharon says she shares his unhappiness, and the two admit they seem "shitty" to each other. Two old farmers, who previously watched Randy perform, overhear the argument and break into the Marshes' home to steal Randy's underwear, believing that they are acting humanely on its behalf.

[S15E7] You're Getting Old

"You're Getting Old" was the final episode of the spring run, which contained the first seven episodes of South Park's fifteenth season. The first element of the episode's plot line to be crafted was Stan's tenth birthday and his feeling of getting old, as a reference to Parker and Stone's own aging (at the time of the episode's broadcast, Stone had just turned 40 and Parker was 41).[2] They decided to make a two-part episode, with the second half airing at the beginning of the fall run, set to begin in October 2011. Parker and Stone did not write the second part until they reconvened in the fall.[3][4]

Meanwhile, Randy (in order to hold on to his childhood dreams of becoming a rockstar) starts performing Tween Wave music at the local bowling alley under the name "Steamy Ray Vaughn," shitting his pants as part of the act. A pair of old farmers watch his performances and become dismayed at the damage Randy is doing to his "britches". During a duet with a woman billing herself as "Steamy Nicks," Sharon barges in and drags him home, resulting in a huge argument. Sharon complains that life with Randy keeps getting more ridiculous, while in the background the two old farmers break into the Marsh home and steal Randy's britches, feeling that they have "suffered enough". Randy reveals that the reason he does so many weird things (like getting into fights with other dads at baseball games, playing World of Warcraft obsessively, and becoming a celebrity chef) is because he is unhappy. Sharon says she is also unhappy; the two agree that they have grown apart and do not feel the same way about each other anymore.

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After getting Castiel's message, Dean rushes to the Bunker, where he sees Castiel and immediately asks about Sam. Castiel curtly replies Sam is fine, then walks toward the infirmary. There, Sam informs them that he saw Chuck's memories, and Chuck is weak. He declares he thinks they can beat God.

Catherine is in Los Angeles getting the new foundation ready and summons Meredith and Koracick to visit for a highly confidential consult. Meanwhile, one of the nurses is 28 weeks pregnant and collapses at the hospital while talking to Richard.

Maggie is angrily getting dressed to leave while Jackson tries to defend himself. She's just a friend. He's not cheating. She says she's too smart to believe that. She cuts her foot on a shard from the broken wine glass, but stumbles down the stairs anyway. He tells her that he met Kate while he was at a monastery. He tells her she's right about the PTSD, and being out in nature helped. He says he didn't sleep with Kate or anyone else. He didn't even kiss her. They just talked. Kate had lost her brother and was looking for peace. Jackson asks her to sit down so he can tend to her foot. Jackson gives her his phone to look through the texts herself. She was just someone to talk to about what he lost because she understood it even better than he did. Maggie's surprised that he's still talking to Kate. Jackson says it's not like that. It's just nice to talk to people who have been through the same thing he has. She asks who else he's been talking to. He says he talks to April sometimes.

Catherine asks Tom for an explanation of her case. He tries to get her off the topic, but she wants to prepare for if it's cancer. At the bar, Catherine orders a drink for herself and for Tom. Meredith orders the same. Catherine says she's worried about it being cancer and not getting to see the rest of her life. Nothing they can say could be worse than what she's picturing. Meredith lays out the possibilities for Catherine and the odds of success. Tom excuses himself and Catherine tells Meredith she's worried about Richard. Meredith tells her not to cut the people who love her out of her life. Tom returns and says the results are back. Catherine says they need one more drink before they go back.

Alex, you're right, Barba's presence at that point was never explained, I wonder if they just brought him in, just in case the scope of the case became much larger? Or, maybe he was just being "nosey"!

It may have be a far-fetched idea but I think it would've been cool if they had gotten Simon Cowell, himself to come and listen to see if Jackie was right in what he said about the girls not being good enough. In a closed office, Simon listens to Brooke's singing and Benson is in the office as well and she can tell that Brooke's singing is nothing special. Simon cuts Brooke off.Simon: Brooke, let me ask you something. Did your music teacher really tell you that you weren't good enough for "American Diva."Brooke: Yes.Simon: Well, let me tell you something, I totally agree with him.Brooke: WHAT?!Simon: I'm sorry but he's right, I'm afraid you just don't have the talent. Brooke: But everyone has been telling me for years that I'm great!Simon: Really? And who is "Everyone"?Brooke: Well, my friends and my family.Simon: Friends and families ALWAYS say that, no matter what. I'm afraid they've been misleading you all these years. Brooke: That is not true!Simon: Brooke, your friends and families don't work in the music industry but I do. Brooke: So it's your job to lie to me?!Simon: It's my job to tell you what you NEED to hear not what you WANT to hear. Read my lips, Brooke. YOU WILL NEVER BE A PROFESSIONAL SINGER.Brooke:(angry tears in her eyes) I am a good singer! I'm going to prove you wrong!Simon: Unfortunately, that's what they all say and they never succeed. I advise you to go in a new direction with your life(points to the door), starting out that door. Brooke: I bet Jackie probably got you to say this me.Simon: Goodbye, Brooke. Brooke: You're gonna pay for this. I'm... I'm going to tell everyone I know that... that you're a lying ass!Simon: (calmly) Well, that's not the direction I had in mind but good luck, then.Brooke:(storms out and slams the door).Benson: I've got to admit, you handled that nicely. Simon: I told her what she had to hear, the truth.Benson: I'm surprised you didn't cringe at what she said back to you.Simon: Oh, I'm used to it. I get thousands of angry responses like that for rejected wannabe singers every year. It's not right to give anyone false hope. Jackie Walker seems to understand that. (Simon gets up, walks to the door, stops and turns at Benson) It's really too bad what's happened to him. The music world needs more people like him.(Simon walks out the door).Benson: (sighs and hangs her head)

I've been going through old shows, and just watched this one. I find the opinion that a lot of commenters expressed (and it's also in the review), that the detectives messed up, to be a little off. I can see how the initial interview can seem to have already been hostile, but he was defensive even on questions that were legitimate, and they often come at suspects with that sort of interrogation (or more hostile) with less evidence than they had at that point. When they arrested him, there were two accusers, an account of Cooper coming home without his underwear (and his explanations for why he never told anyone about it didn't seem credible), and the sex toy with Jonah's DNA (that's a loose end) which was among Jackie's things (how did he not discover that earlier? Or did the girls know exactly when the police would come to search for it?), that didn't seem to be any less than evidence based on which they've made arrests in other cases (I was kind of expecting he would have been arrested as soon as they found the toy, the only question was whether they'd cuff him there). There's a general point about how quick they can be to judge (at least initially), but this didn't seem to be anomalous. And Rollins getting all guilty at the end made me want to ask what she wanted them to do considering the information they had?I also found it interesting that they had Rollins as the skeptic this time, and not Amaro. Also, after the arrest when they're interviewing all the kids who made copycat claims, and the kid says Jackie's a bad man because her mom said so, and it cuts to Barba asking what number kid this is, and Rollins is sitting there, and all of a sudden she doesn't voice her skepticism?On a different note, I hated the beginning, particularly when they had Rollins and Fin watching the show on the big screen in the squad room. 041b061a72


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