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Calm With Character First Aid (36 Educators Package)

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Oliver Campbell
Oliver Campbell

Make: LEGO And Arduino Projects: Projects For E...

Next part of my project will be to replace the original receiver by an arduino. It should be possible to control it by my custom sender as noted above AND by the original lego senders. This should enable me to operate with cheap and small comon rc servos.

Make: LEGO and Arduino Projects: Projects for e...

Speaking as a mechatronics engineer, I'd have to second everything Taylor said.I'm lucky enough to have attended a university with a dedicated mechatronics engineering major on offer (although I understand that to not be unusual here in Australia), and loved every bit of it.For me, the core of mechatronics is to do with combining mechanics, electronics and software to achieve something beyond what can be achieved with any one alone.As a bt of a guide as what is a part of mechatronics, at uni I learnt all about MCUs, pneumatics, hydraulics, electric motors, digital and analogue electronics, programming, fluid mechanics, robots, computer vision, artificial intelligence... Most important however, was that I learnt how I can combine each of the above to do some pretty cool stuff - artificially intelligent robots, for example.I'll definately recommend studying mechatronics - it serves as a facinating discipline in its own right, but also provides a wide knowledge base which can be applied all kinds of engineering projects, mechatronic or otherwise. 041b061a72


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