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Fax Broadcasting

1. Do you want to perform high-volume, reliable faxing software to fax the same document or information to a list of fax numbers? This is also referred to as fax broadcasting, fax blasting, and bulk faxing.

fax broadcasting

Impact Fax Broadcast is a specialized software application designed for reliable high-volume fax broadcasting. Based on Black Ice Software's award-winning open architecture, Impact Fax Broadcast is fully scalable from a single port/line up to 384 ports/lines; and is not tied to a specific fax hardware manufacturer and supports a variety of hardware including fax boards from Brooktrout, and Dialogic.

Impact Fax Broadcast is recommended for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises that regularly use fax broadcasting for their administrative and marketing projects. Impact Fax Broadcast is a cost-effective, scalable and reliable software solution. The Impact Fax Broadcast is can be used with VoIP and PSTN phone lines.

Impact Fax Broadcast is Cost-Effective, Scalable and Reliable High-Volume Fax Broadcasting software recommended for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises that regularly use fax broadcasting for their administrative and marketing projects.

View the status of your fax broadcasts while it runs! Start, pause, view and delete your broadcast jobs with the click of a mouse. Also, in Impact Fax Broadcast users can schedule the port and channel to be used for broadcasting at a specific time of day or night.

Impact Fax Broadcast has several advanced fax list management features. Fax lists are the most critical aspect of fax broadcasting. The fax lists contain the contacts and fax numbers you intend to target with fax broadcasts. You can create as many fax lists as necessary and can add as many contacts as you want. Multiple fax lists can be created with meaningful names in order to organize your data.

Impact Fax Broadcast can be configured for email activated fax broadcasting, to specify the time delay between faxes, to specify the action upon unsuccessful broadcasts, error correction mode and more.

In the Present Scenario, You see that most of the marketing and advertising company is using fax broadcasting services or fax blasting option to send multiple online fax documents to the various countries at once. It ensures a better smooth, crisp and sound marketing connectivity with customers and partners.

Fax Broadcasting Services makes comfortable a lot of important tasks like multiple faxing, conducting surveys, press releases, invoices updating, etc. It is useful for business routinely based works like business conferences and workshop reminders etc. Now a day, a lot of surveys have been taking by the Govt. Institution, Companies (Public & Private) etc. to fulfill their important objectives. The Survey is very important to know about the customer preferences, information about any product or services by filling questionnaire designed by the experts to get feedback or new ideas from the prospects. We, Gventure Technology gives a professional online fax broadcasting service which has proven an excellent track record for the various useful objectives like multiple faxing, conducting surveys, press releases, invoices updating etc.

Gventure Technology is pre-eminent fax broadcasting service provider that enables to execute inbound/outbound fax services for customer like e-fax and FOIP i.e. Fax over internet protocol. It allows us to do an effective fax broadcast to the customers at the lower cost rates. There is no any requirement for any types of telephone device because it allows and sending fax documents through IP address. There are some benefits from the online fax broadcasting services which are as under:

Every online fax service has a member's area from where you can access a variety of advanced features, including fax broadcasting. You need to head over there if you plan to send a fax to more recipients. In average, this function lets you reach between 200-250 numbers in just one click.

It is critical to become acquainted with fax marketing laws, which strictly govern the world of fax broadcasting. Despite their strictness, these laws benefit both parties of the transmission because customers will not feel spammed and you will be able to continue promoting your business via fax.

This, like most business decisions, boils down to economics. The costs of purchasing and administering fax-server hardware and software must be weighed against the cost of a third-party fax broadcasting service.

Fax broadcasting services typically charge by the page, with discounts available for high-volume fax campaigns. A fax broadcast to a hundred recipients may cost $.09 per page, whereas a fax broadcast to thousands of recipients may cost as little as $.02 per page. Most services only charge clients for successful faxes, excluding any incorrect numbers, busy signals, or other broadcast errors.

The client manages fax campaigns via a Web interface when using fax broadcasting services. To create mailing lists for various fax campaigns, the client can upload Excel spreadsheets or.csv (comma-separated value) files here. All of these lists are saved by the broadcast fax service for future reference.

That's it! Having sent the message to a list, you will NOT receive individual email confirmations for each and every recipient clogging up your Inbox. Instead, Interfax will send you one, concentrated report at the end of the fax broadcasting session.

Add impact and results to your business today with our fax broadcasting service. Call 1-800-973-1870 and speak to a representative or e-mail our partners at today for further information!

Just send us your data and we do the rest. Our aim is to make your life easier. With Drop-and-go service, your fax, voice and email broadcasting jobs are accomplished with the least effort possible from you.

The success rate with Fax Broadcasting is highly dependant on your fax broadcasting list of fax numbers and the document you are sending. We will only send out the information provided to us. We are simply the messenger. Your success will also be affected by the type of product or service you are promoting. 041b061a72


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