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Firstly, just play through the game, learn as you play and enjoy. It's a good idea not to go for hyper mode scores at this stage - play through the game first, by the time you've finished you will be much better at this game and unlocking hyper mode will seem much easier. You can earn most of the trophies in this playthrough, unless you decide to leave any for later.

Hyper Void PSN

By this stage, you should be much better at the game than when you first started, and scoring high will seem a lot easier than before. Go for all secret orbs in this stage and unlock all levels on hyper mode. You don't have to do both in one, you can separate getting the hyper mode score and the secret orb in levels if you would rather do so... but still try to get both done on all levels during this stage. If you already played through the game once, then most of the scores should come naturally.

Shoot as many enemies as possible to score highest and grab the yellow power surge orb whenever you can. When the power surge is active, you will be able to kill a lot more enemies which is excellent for increasing your score, and it will help greatly with getting the required scores to unlock the levels on hyper mode. There's a score bar just below your score which shows your progress towards unlocking hyper mode, and if the bar is red and full you know you've unlocked. The game actually doesn't tell you what the exact required scores for levels are until you've beaten them, although here is a list of the score requirements:

The only level that is a pain to unlock is Level 15. The first shelled enemy takes a very long time to open its shell, and you must not kill this enemy until you have 1m points. You can see when the enemies will open their shells by the blue loading circle around them, and when it completes the shell opens. The enemy which has an extremely slow loading circle is the one you must keep alive until you reach 1m points, as it's this one that keeps the red and green cells spawning which you need to increase your score. Defeating the boss in this level will give you 100k points, which makes it safe to enter the last checkpoint with 1m points. See this video by Joe Vanni which demonstrates how to unlock hyper mode on level 15.

This is the final stage, and you will be ready to tackle the hardest trophy in the game - beating every level on hyper mode. See To The Last Kilo-byte for more guidance on what hyper mode is and how to win.

The controls may take some getting used to, as when your ship is flipped upside down your controls will seem inverted - pushing left makes you go right and vice versa, which can seem a bit confusing and make it easy to move the wrong way. For this reason, it's likely you will find it easier to stay at the bottom of the screen whenever possible... however, you cannot completely avoid being flipped upside down and will need to get used to it, although you will quickly by just playing. The dash button ( / /) is your friend in this game - you are invincible during the dash motion, you can (and will need to) use it to go straight through enemies and lasers unharmed and it can obviously be used to move faster. You can also sometimes escape getting infected by a virus if you avoid by dashing away from it.

This trophy is at the start of Level 10. The level starts off in a low-energy galaxy, with many asteroids to avoid. As the trophy says, don't shoot anything. Apart from a few tight spaces it's very doable, and you can even make two mistakes and still succeed as you will have three lives. Dodge the asteroids, dash away from yellow enemies to prevent taking hits, don't shoot, don't lose all three lives, and when "seems safe to run now" appears on your screen the trophy will be yours, and from then onwards it will be safe to fire weapons.

For this trophy, you must get past the first part of Level 19 (pre-boss checkpoint) without taking any hits. This is actually an unmissable trophy on hyper mode, as you will have only one life anyway. It is also far better to do this trophy on hyper mode, because if you get hit you won't need to intentionally lose all your lives or exit then re-enter the level to restart your attempt for this trophy. Your ship also has much more energy and faster recharge on hyper mode, allowing you to shoot a lot more and kill more enemies, reducing your chance of getting hit.

Stay at the bottom of the screen, keep your laser held down and occasionally release to let it recharge. The green weapon can also work here, although I stuck with the laser. The enemies at the top, just leave them, you don't really need to go up there... though obviously, don't stay completely still at the bottom. You must keep using your dash button when enemies are about to hit you, otherwise you will almost certainly die. Two videos of this level/trophy have been embedded, as you have a choice of method. The first video is by Midnightwards666, who used the blue laser. The second video is by MattyElms using the green weapon and it also shows the full level on hyper mode, although the trophy would have been earned after the first checkpoint.

Although this trophy itself is very easy, this is actually the hardest level in the game to complete on hyper mode. This video shows the full level, and see To The Last Kilo-byte for more info and tips on how to win.

You'll earn this trophy after you beat the boss in Level 9. Firstly, the boss will have 8 green lasers. Shoot them all using your blue laser, using dash when you need to (and you probably will to go through the lasers when they start moving). After you've destroyed the green lasers, it will fire enemies and white lasers which you must avoid, and as always, use your dash button when necessary.

During the second stage, the boss automatically regains its health, so you have to keep shooting. Try to shoot yellow enemies when you see them, because every time you do you get a recharge power-up, which is particularly helpful in standard mode as you will likely be running out of energy quite often. This power-up restores your energy allowing you to fire more. Shooting the enemies will also increase your score, which will help towards unlocking hyper mode, although you don't even need to shoot many in order to reach the required score of 5.09m. For shooting the boss the green weapon is the most effective, but to take out the yellow enemies and grab recharge power-ups use your laser as it is easier to aim and uses a lot less energy.

This video shows a perfect no-hit run on standard mode, although you are allowed at most two mistakes. On hyper mode you cannot take any hits, but your greatly improved energy will make it much easier to do so.

This trophy is awarded after you beat the boss in Level 19. Firstly, you have to defeat all three red tongues. The red weapon is the best choice here - the green weapon uses up too much energy and the laser does not do enough damage. At the same time, the boss will shoot red deadly lasers... dash to avoid them if you have to, or stay where you are if it's not near you. If you keep dying from one, the boss always fires the lasers in the same place, so you can just memorize them and know where you need to be.

After defeating the three red tongues, three times you will need to shoot mines near the boss's face. The boss will fire mines at you which you must avoid, although it isn't difficult to do so. Dash away from yellow enemies (without crashing into mines), then when the boss sucks all the mines back, let the red mines get near to its face then shoot the mines with your laser. Repeat this until the boss is dead.

This video shows a perfect no-hit run on standard mode, although you are allowed at most two mistakes. On hyper mode you cannot take any hits, but your greatly improved energy will make it easier to do so.

This trophy is awarded after you beat the final boss and last level in the game. The battle does not start until the second checkpoint, however the first checkpoint in this level is also very difficult. During the first checkpoint, orange lasers will be fired at you which you have very little time to move away from (otherwise you take a hit), as well as blue bullets which are avoidable but you will need to be using dash. There will also be enemies that lay many mines in front of you. You can clear some of them out with your laser, but you will need to be using dash a lot to escape getting hit. As well as that, the patterns of what gets fired at what point changes every time you play the level, thus memorizing is not an option.

Because of your limited energy on standard mode, do not fire your laser when you don't need to. If you don't need to be firing, let your energy recharge, because you will need it. On hyper mode you will be able to get rid of a lot more mines as energy recharge is much faster and you can fire your laser for twice as long before energy reaches zero, although wasting energy is still not a good idea in any case. Once you're past this difficult checkpoint, you're up against the final boss.In the boss battle, you will have to keep firing at the boss's circular face-like target. It starts with one face, then once defeated it will have two faces, then afterwards it will have three faces, and once you have gotten rid of all you have defeated the final boss and finished the game. This boss fires lots of yellow bacterial minions which you must not crash into, otherwise you will take a hit. You are given plenty of weapon recharge power-ups during this battle, and you will need them because you will be having to fire a lot and very likely running out of energy often. The power-ups look just like the minions, except they're red and easy to spot.

The boss protects itself very well with its own minions... it protects itself so well that using only one weapon will not destroy enough minions fast enough to reach and hit the boss, so when you get a recharge weapon, activate all three weapons by holding down , and all at the same time. This is the only way you can get rid of the bacterial minions fast enough to allow your weapons to actually reach the boss instead of having minions in the way. You will certainly need to use your dash button to avoid getting hit from the minions, especially later as when the boss creates its third face, there will be loads of them. You will also get the unmissable Garbage Collector trophy early in the battle. 041b061a72


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