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Berlin Conference 1885 Pdf Download VERIFIED

The Tribunal in Berlin focused on the responsibility of European actors for the events in Congo. The choice of Berlin as the seat of the Tribunal was a historical reference to the Congo Conference held in 1885 at the Reich Chancellery on Wilhelmstraße, just a few hundred meters from the Sophiensäle. During this conference the European powers divided up the resource rich region amongst themselves, bringing chaos to the present day states of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and others.

berlin conference 1885 pdf download

Colonialism has deeply affected societies throughout history. In fact, the African continent is one of the most striking examples of colonialisms impact. In the Early Modern Times and the Modern Times, slave, gold and spice trade increased colonialist states interests in Africa. Over time, these interests converted Africa into a place of rivalry for colonialist states. As a result of increased rivalry, colonialist states needed to systematize the struggle for control over the continent. For this purpose, a conference was held between 15 November 1884 and 26 February 1885 in Berlin. The principles accepted during the conference led Western countries to share Africa and also led to Africas virtual invasion. Moreover, "verbal invasion" gave place to "virtual invasion". Thus, the process of Africas colonization was decided upon and officially began at the Berlin Conference.Principally, policies of the countries on the continent were addressed more as colonial activities in Africa were evaluated. In the present study, information will be provided about the aim of Berlin Conference, the decisions made at the conference and the application of those decisions. Furthermore, the attitude of the Ottoman Empire towards the conference will be evaluated in light of archival documents. Moreover, African public opinion on colonialism, their evaluation of the conference, along with information published in newspapers in various parts of Africa such as Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, and Zimbabwe will be investigated.


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