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Angel Baker

The Green Planet (1996)

As part of an intergalactic coalition, a well-meaning space alien volunteers to bring a message of self-actualization and harmony with nature to the one planet rejected by all her peers as incorrigible: Earth.

The Green Planet (1996)

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their planet is like animal crossing except they speak french so it's not relaxing... i have to be honest... I couldn't find a version with subtitles but I'm still logging and rating this based on visuals and reviews I read (green poster list). the telepathy hand gesture is so funny and yeah there was never really a chance for this one because again... french...

The year is 2078. The planet, Sirius 6B, is the source of a substance that solves all of Earth's energy problems. The drawback is that obtaining this substance can be fatal to the miners, who die of radiation poisoning. For years there has been a cold war on Earth and a hot war on Sirius 6B between the miners union and the energy company. As the story opens, Hendricksson (Peter Weller) is a soldier leading a group of miners, holed up in a vast bunker in the side of a hill in a landscape that looks like Death Valley after being strip-mined.

Some of the elements in "Screamers" seem recycled out of "Alien," especially the basic situation of humans creeping through a vast, abandoned outpost on another planet, while threatened by evil little sharp-toothed creatures that leap out of nowhere. Although the film is based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, the "Alien" connection is persuasive because Dan O'Bannon worked on both of the screenplays.

The look is much the same, too: the familiar post-industrial wasteland of abandoned machinery, rusting pipes, moldy walls, underground passages and rats - lots of rats. The look of this movie is so gray, green, brown, shadowy, gloomy and dirty that shooting it in black and white would have cheered it up. And Peter Weller ("Robocop," "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai") fits the look with his worn heroism: He looks like a man who has been forgotten on this miserable planet for so long that death would be a welcome change.

By mid-March, the first signs of a tail were visible by amateurs. In the coming days, to everyone's delight, the tail kept growing and glowed in green as it got larger. As it reached its closest approach to Earth, the tail began to extend far across the sky.

Driven by concern that the two major political parties are indebted to corporate money, Ralph Nader is running a "no-money" campaign for president on the Green Party ticket in California, endorsement pending. Bill Drummond reports on how a Nader green ticket in the Golden State could affect the outcome of the 1996 presidential campaign. 041b061a72


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