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Benefits of Positive Teacher Student Relationships

Research shows that positive relationships between students and teachers can have a

significant impact on student achievement. When students feel connected to their teacher, they are more engaged in the classroom, which leads to better academic outcomes. Teachers who create a positive rapport with their students also benefit from increased trust and communication.

Strong teacher-student relationships create a sense of safety and improve academic outcomes. Through community circles rooted in restorative justice practices, genuine verbal interaction bolsters collective concern in the classroom. Students perceive their teachers as more respectful, and teachers make fewer referrals for discipline. The positive interactions transfer to positive experiences for the brain, which improves wellbeing. You can also work on building relationships with students at other times throughout the school day. Take a moment to talk about something other than academics, such as sports or something else that’s fun for students. Ask students what they like to do, who their favorite pop or rap star is, and what movie they want to watch. You’ll find that once your students know you care about them as people, they’ll care about what you say and teach them

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