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Calm with Character Programs

Select the program suitable for your school or contact us for a customized program.

Caring Child

Calm with Character

First Aid

Intensive 10 weeks intervention to prevent deterioration of academics and behavior, as well as reduce stress.  Fits into one trimester and suitable for short-term SEL or after an adverse experience causing collective trauma.  Educator Wellness is integrated into this program.

Young Teacher

Calm with Character

Educator Wellness

Our adult wellness program includes mindfulness and is Neuroscience based trauma informed social emotional learning for all school staff.  The fun and engaging program keeps staff connected and informed.

Math Teacher
A large group of children engaged in yoga in the Park sitting on the grass..jpg

Calm with Character

Calm with Character® Moves are short 1 to 2 minute mindfulness based movement exercises.  They are designed to enrich focus, concentration, and balance.  They make great brain breaks.  The quick videos can quickly be played anytime and enhance the mindfulness practice.

Group of children doing gymnastic exercises.jpg
Children Meditating

Calm with Character

Anual Trauma SEL

10 month Calm with Character® SEL program. Students and teachers use mindfulness, character-building activities, and teacher-student connections using community circles to help their brains learn to self-regulate and strengthen.  Educator Wellness is integrated into this program

Child Activity
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