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Addressing Trauma in Schools

Traumatic events are the most negatively impactful circumstances for children, and as schools are the creators of global citizens, it is imperative for schools to develop best practices for treating students with trauma. Considering current events in the news dealing with violence in schools and the worldwide negative impacts of COVID-19, it is only practical for schools to address major incidents in the community and worldwide that may affect their students as well. With this serious need for addressing trauma among school children, it is also essential to create easily accessible resources and turnkey curriculum for educators seeking to become trauma-informed and to recognize and address the unique needs of these learners. Calm with Character is dedicated to making this happen.

With short lessons that require minimal preparation, teachers can bring this support to their students. The lessons incorporate character development through community building activities. Teachers build stronger relationships with their students when they practice community circles in the classroom. The lessons teach self-regulation through mindfulness lessons that teachers can reinforce. It is becoming more and more prevalent that schools are the center of many communities. Parents reach out to their children’s schools as a support system and mental health is one of the primary services that often come up as a need. It has become the responsibility of schools to provide mental health support.

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